About the ReoStore

Haemata Limited
Haemata Limited was established in 1999 by Hineihaea Murphy and Mark Fell in order to contribute to the ongoing growth of Māori language and to support Māori education initiatives.
With a team of experienced, well qualified and energetic consultants, we now offer New Zealand’s most comprehensive range of Māori language and Māori education consultancy services.
Our name Haemata (literally, strong-growing) reflects the strength and opportunities for growth we seek to bring to the Māori language and Māori education sectors by providing complete and high quality services. It also reflects our commitment to supporting the growth of te reo Māori as a living language. 

The Reostore
Whilst undertaking the services of Haemata Ltd it was recognised that there was no central place to view and purchase high quality Māori language learning resources. The "Reostore" was Haemata Ltd solution, providing a central place for customers to buy a wide range of Māori language products suitable for students and teachers, for the home and for the workplace.
The Reostore was launched in December 2006, expanding their range every year as new products become available.