Te Whanake 3 - Te Māhuri

Maori language learning resources
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The content of this second edition of Te Māhuri is relevant to learners of the Māori language throughout New Zealand. The second edition includes new stories, explanations and illustrations. The dictionary/index at the end of the text has also been revised. It contains all new vocabulary introduced in the Te Māhuri textbook and audiotapes that is not included in the earlier books in the series.

The Te Whanake series aims to provide the resources which will enable learners to develop their ability to speak Māori, as well as to develop the receptive skills of listening and reading. The series has been carefully designed to help students progress by stages, beginning with the language required for common everyday situations and needs, and gradually extending the learners language skills through to a higher level in each book.

ISBN 0582545781

Other resources available:

  • Audio and video tape-recorded exercises and Teachers Manuals (available from The University of Waikato)


Author: John Moorfield

Price: $91.99 including GST